3 साल में कस्बे में बनीं 40 लाख की सड़कें फिर भी पक्की सड़क से दूर मंडी मोहल्ला के निवासीबहादुरपुर...

3 साल में कस्बे में बनीं 40 लाख की सड़कें फिर भी पक्की सड़क से दूर मंडी मोहल्ला के निवासीबहादुरपुर| ग्रामोदय से भारत उदय अभियान के दौरान ग्राम पंचायत ने समूचे कस्बे के रास्तों को सीमेंट-कांक्रीट से...

40 lakh Roads constructed in the town in 3 years, yet residents of Mandi Mohalla away from paved roads

In 3 years, 40 lakh roads constructed in the town, yet away from the paved road, Bahadurpur resident of Mandi Mohalla. During the Uday Abhiyan campaign from Gramodaya, the Gram Panchayat took the entire city roads with cement-concrete ...

Bahadurpur | During Gramodaya to Bharat Uday Abhiyan, the Gram Panchayat had prepared an action plan costing two crores to strengthen the entire town roads with cement-concrete. After getting approval, more than one and a half dozen roads have been built after spending about Rs 40 lakh.

Even after this, a paved road has not been built in Mandi Mohalla with a population of more than five hundred. In the four months that have passed since the onset of the rains this year, it has become difficult for the residents of this colony to walk on the muddy road filled with marshes. Explain that the first priority has been given to the majority of the scheduled castes belonging to the scheduled castes on the criteria set for the construction of roads in the Gram Panchayat. In Mandi Mohalla, more than 95 percent of the families live in the SC category. Prashant Chandel of the township told that it used to take only five minutes to go through this route to the main road but after the mud has to go round. The settlement has a rough route of about five hundred meters, for which the residents have applied many times to get it built. Through the camps, this problem has been given to the administrative officials and also to the MLA and MP.
Mud occurred on the road of Mandi Mohalla.

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