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कंटेनर में भरे थे 70 मवेशी, वन विभाग ने गश्त के दौरान पकड़कर पुलिस को बुलाया

कंटेनर में भरे थे 70 मवेशी, वन विभाग ने गश्त के दौरान पकड़कर पुलिस को बुलायारात को 3.30 बजे वन्य विभाग की चैकिंग में पकड़े गए कंटेनर में भरे मवेशी।
वन विभाग से लकड़ी चोरी होने की सूचना के आधार पर रात 3:30 बजे विभाग की चेकिंग के दौरान मवेशी पाए गए... 


AshoknagarOn the bypass road at night, the forest department stopped a truck on notice of illegal timber transport. On seeing the forest personnel, the truck driver and cleaner ran away. When opening the container, it saw 70 cattle filled with it, two of them died. Police reached the spot and seized the truck and registered the case. The forest department is carrying out illegal night-time checking for transportation. In this episode, last night, when Deputy Ranger Ashraf Khan and other forest workers surrounded a vehicle near Battisi Bawdi at around 3.30 pm, the truck driver and cleaner ran away.

Illegal livestock inside the restrained container truck was loaded. Immediately informed SDOP Laxmi Singh and SHO Sanjeev Tiwari about the truck. On receipt of information, teams of police including SI Ramjilal Karare, ASI Gajraj Singh Bhil reached the spot. Where the livestock including the truck was captured and made a panchnama. 68 animals were found alive and two dead in the container. They were taken out of the container and left in the Khandargiri Gaushala. The police have registered a case under the Animal Cruelty Act against the driver and the vehicle owner and started investigating the case.

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