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Comedy Couple Full Movie

Comedy Couple is a bollywood Indian Comedy and Romance 2020 film. It is directed by Nachiket Samant and produced by Vikram Mehra, Siddharth Anand Kumar. The starring stars of this film is Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad in lead roles in the film. The film story and written by Bika Ranjan Mishra. The music is given by Tanmaya Bhatnagar and Reuksh Alagh and production company is Yoodlee Films. The releasing date of this film is 21 October 2020.

This story is revolves around Saqib Saleem (Deep Sharma) and Shweta Basu Prasad (Zoya Batra). The Comedy Couple states that the two were raised in a completely different way while Zoya is a self sufficient girl made of single mother (Pooja Bedi), Deep is a young man from traditional Hindu family who cannot rebel and adjust himself to the rites of childhood and the director has made every effort to bring down the changing political social environment of the country. The episode of cow- urine coming to stand up comedy has created some twists in the story and the question of freedom of expression has been touched. The film focuses entirely on the instability of Deep and Zoya life. Once there are some circumstances it is becoming difficult to him to stay together day by day what will happen to their relationship in such a situation? Th efilm shows that if you intentions are clear then all excuses are forgiven. Many peoples remain honest assuming this , but the world does not see the cleanliness of intentions. She wants a straight forward person among all the goons. That is why often in residential societies of metros, when they go to ask for a house on rent with the intention of love in, bound by the vow of Amar Prem, they almost feel a failure. The same difficulty stands in front of Deep Sharma and Zoya Batra in the comedy Couple. He is a couple from stage to real life.Deep take Zoya as a sister in a society and takes a flat, after sometimes prepares to get a fake marriage certificates. His lie is also apprehended that despite two to three years he has kept the matter of live in relationship with Zoya hiddrn fron parents that he is an IIT engineer in a company while leaving the job two years ago, he has come into stand up comedy. In fact Comedy Couple, Deep Sharma Wolf Comes is story of  a series of lies whereas the Gandhian father (Rajesh Tailang) has explained to him in childhood that the foundation of lies rest on wet soil. As the comedy moves forward, Deep feet are slipped into its wet and it get worse.

    This film is the one hour 55 minutes, comedy couple is basically a film attracting youngsters from the metros who find moments of laughter in between of problems and tensions. The jokes of metros stand up comedy are bot bookish and a special mental texture is needed to understand them which arise from time to day due to the nightmare here. Comedy Couple is a film of that audience who lives in metro likr Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. The director brought the relationship of metropolitan life to the screen on the pretext of Deep and Zoya story. Constant hiccups arises in this relationship stability does not come easily. 

       The comedy Couple also has a romance with comedy of metro style. The music in the film is threaded well and the romantic songs are made good. There are no chances of laughing out loud in the film but Saqib Saleem and shweta have handled the opportunity of stanf up comedy. Director Nachiket Samant has made Marathi filn before this. so, this first hindi film of him. Certainly, he remembers the story of Metro feel of the story from the beginning to end. The film will tackle the minds of the metro youth.

      The best song of this film - Kya ye tumhe pta hai. Song singer is Abhay Jodhapurkar. According to google user 90% users liked this film and Audience rating summary is 4.1rating. Now, can watch this film on Zee5 and genuinely this film makes you Smile..

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