Unprecedented Peril A Gripping Review of the 2018 Movie Malayalam Survival Thriller

 Survival movies are known to be the scariest ones, not because they are infamous, but because they disturb the mind. When a person is hanging on the edge of life and death, the breath of the public stops. Yesterday, I witnessed such an experience live with my own eyes, and I must admit, no film has ever scared me as much in my life as the 2018 movie that is currently creating a buzz for various reasons.

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First and foremost, it is remarkable that this film has become the highest-grossing film in the history of Malayalam cinema. With a budget of just twenty crores, it has reached a staggering figure of over one and a half billion globally. Honestly, Malayalam cinema holds a value of more than thirteen thousand crores because even though it is a small industry, its content is always number one. So, what is so special about this film that people are unable to resist going to the theaters even after three weeks? I will explain everything in detail. You haven't seen such a film in your life, and I promise you won't be able to keep yourself away from it. 

"2018 Movie Unforgettable Thriller: A Heart-Stopping Journey of Survival and Heroism"

The story is based on real incidents and is centered around Kerala, also known as "God's Own Country" due to its natural beauty. Why is it called so? I'll give you a brief history. Kerala was visited by Lord Vishnu's incarnation, Lord Parasurama, for his devotees. However, the problem within the film is that Kerala is in danger, and it is a danger that can probably surpass any match India has ever faced, forever. Have you ever thought about a seemingly ordinary virus that can make a person laugh and cry at the same time, capable of taking someone's life within seconds? Thousands of people are in danger, and even God seems to be displeased with them, as death rains down from the sky along with the rain.

The term "plant-based tsunami" is something we have only heard in the news or read in the newspapers, but do you have the courage to stand on its beach? The entire film revolves around this terrifying night, where it is not God but humans who have to protect humanity. You might have seen movies with superheroes, but this film will teach you to recognize the hero within every human being in real life. It is a dangerous survival film where for two hours, you will witness the battle between life and death, and it's not easily predictable who will come out victorious. If you have a weak heart, stay away from some morning scenes that can raise your heartbeats up and down. 

Now, let me tell you something about Hollywood. If you have that ability, which can transport the audience sitting in the theater to another world, then I won't be ashamed to say that in 2018, our Indian cinema achieved the same feat, and that too in just a budget of twenty crores. The level of special effects and technology used in the film is mind-blowing, blurring the line between cinema and real life. Throughout the two hours, you will feel like you bought a ticket to the theater, but instead, you find yourself in the midst of the dangers of life and death on a beach. Let me tell you, I haven't seen such a gripping film in a long time. The direction is absolutely genius. However, the film's power lies not in technical brilliance but in its emotions, which are portrayed in an incredibly strong manner. The storytelling in this film is out of the world, as if six or seven different stories are running simultaneously, and you remember all the characters.

Honestly, if 2018 had a bigger budget, it would have surpassed even Hollywood's level because here the stories have champions, something that you might miss in big-budget Hollywood movies.

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